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Life and Times of a pre-occupied mind
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2004-05-25 13:51:32 (UTC)

long time no fuck

Hey there true believers...
Its been a real long time since I grossed y'all out with my
sexual opinions...Well here I am once again due to the
electric prodding of my diary reminder...
Anyways, nothing much has changed in my life...I work, take
care of my daughter and occasionally have sex with my wife.
Sadfully these occasions are becoming few and far
between..our libidos are weak right now, because we exhaust
ourselves with work and taking care of a 2 year old.
Speaking of which she is crying right as I type
this...complaining about the terrible situation she has been
thrown in: Not being able to stay up late and eat grapes.
She sure has a shitty deal let me tell you! Pure
tragidy...Shakespere would have a field day.
hmmm me thinks I made several spelling errors in the
previous paragraph...and you know what...Fuck it, I just
dont have the energy to fix em...

Ummm thats it for me this month..Im such a lazy prick.