Ramblings of a Mom
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2004-05-25 12:43:19 (UTC)

New Day, New Attitude

I've decided that today I am not going to let things get to
me. Yesterday was just entirely too much emotional BS.
Today I just need to focus on what needs to be done for me,
my sons, my husband, and our house. Yesterday was so bad
(even before what my son did last night at his game) that
when I called my mom to chat and asked her what was wrong
when we talked on Sunday, she told me that I was too
depressed already and I didn't need to hear her problems on
top of my own. She also said that maybe yesterday was a
wake-up call on my friendships...I don't want to think that
way, but we will see with time.
Today is Tuesday, so of course that means that it is trash
day...woo-hoo! But, it also means that T has a
psychologist appointment. I'm sure that she is going to
tell me how wrong we were in how we handled last night, so
I am almost tempted not to even mention it unless T brings
it up. Speaking of which, we sent him to bed pretty early
last night, and he has now been in bed for 12 hours and is
still sleeping. Anywho, T also has a dentist appointment
today directly before the psych appointment. So, even if I
was to 'ground him' from the television, he won't have much
time to see it because we won't be home or around one. We
also have to go to the grocery store, since we didn't make
it yesterday.
Busy, Busy day! Yesterday the baby only nursed (no food),
I don't know why specifically, just that's the way things
happened yesterday. But I have to say this, he was MUCH
happier and didn't spit up nearly as much either! I don't
know how I'm going to handle his feedings today with the
appointments and store and such, I guess I will just have
to play it by ear.
Well, I gotta run, I'd like to see yesterday's Starting
Over episode before I tape today's. Later!