my boring ass life
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2004-05-25 12:13:59 (UTC)


people have told me that life can only get better.....i
would like them to pass whatever they're smoking my way.

i started to believe it one day and shit started getting

i mean it seemed as though things were really starting to
look up, but i get slapped upside the head by none other
than reality.

i'll tell you a little about myself: i'm 19 and living
with my boyfriend of 7 months as of yesterday (woohoo!
longest relationship.) i have no job, no car, one friend
and two pet rats......and i love to drink.......yeah. my
parents, a teacher and quite a few different kinds of
doctors say that i need to get into AA. haha! i don't
think so. why would i want to be dissuaded from doing
something that i love so damned much? that's one of the
most retarded things i've ever heard of.

i should also add that i am bipolar so most of my entries
are goint to be of me bitching and complaining. if you
don't like it.....oh fucking well.

lmao. i was really high yesterday and i drew a little
cartoon. see, my one friend and i both have dads who like
to make up odd nicknames for us....hers was cockroach and
mine was poophead. anyways, my cartoon was of this huge
cockroach wearing a tophat and smoking a cigar while riding
one of those motor scooters and theres a stick figure with
a pile of shit on top of her shoulders instead of a head
and the shithead is asking for a ride and the cockroach
tells her 'hell no bitch'. lol. ehhhhh. i guess you just
have to know us to appreciate the hilarity of it all. is
hilarity even a real word?


well, it's 5:19 a.m. i guess i should get some sleep.

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