2004-05-25 04:39:41 (UTC)

ima P.I.M.P.

wut up pimpinz!lol ok,ok had a good day actually,chilled!
waitin 4 lessa 2 call my ass bak!damn phone tag gets
annoying on the realz!lol,ne who ya jus liek a week left
till skoolz dun!holy fuck me!lol,bye bye seniors :(,its ok
but ya 2day on the bus,i was talkin 2 jackie bout her
friend tellin her that her boobz got bigger,what do u say 2
that so we jus came up w/ the conclusion of her crying &
makin her friend feel hella bad,so god damn we start
crackin up 4 at least the whole bus ride & yes ppl. were
staring!lol wow!lol sheesh,dammit!im in a good ass mood!wow!
that meanz that im tired so ya when ur tired u go 2 sleep
which means that u have 2 lay in ur bed (not on the groung)
but ya ima bounce obviously! cuz im pimpin like jeez!