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2004-05-25 03:25:11 (UTC)

ewww amber

what the hell cralwed up ambers ass?? i dunno why i am mad
at her latley but i just am i am glad that school is endig
so i wont have to c her anymore and i feel bad 4 saying
that cuz she is clueless. i dont know i feel like i am
being unfair to her cuz i am mad with her but wont tell her
y i hate it when ple do that to me and i would hate to have
my friends mad at me and i dont know y i think i mught tell
her cuz the only way she is going to change is if i tell
her what she did . i dont want to tell her tho cuz i dont
want to sit there and lay out a big long list of shit she
does that bugs me i think i would have to kill myself if
someone did that to me.