alive inside

meaningless words & thoughts of nothing
2004-05-25 03:20:43 (UTC)


i went to the godsmack concert saturday! omg it was so
great! i cant believe how talentend that band is i love how
they can turn themselfs into something great. i am not
going to talk bout them alot tho cuz i could go all day i
swear i could lol. but anyways i hung out with chad and
nicole on friday and i dunno what i feel anymore about chad
he was being really stupid at the park i dont know it
confusing cuz one min. i like him alot and then the next
min. i cant stand him. i dunno i think i just might give up
on him cuz i know nicole still dont kile him in fack she
hates him and i dont know i think thats prolly part of the
reason why i dont like him that much right now cuz i can
never do anything with the both of them cuz i tell nicole
just to try to be nice nd i know its hard 4 her to do but
she was still being mean like she would just give him dirty
looks when he wasntlooking or she would just compleatly
ignore him. i dont care anymore who needs a boyfriend i
sure as hell dont. i saw cedoan or how ever u spell it in
the hall this morning and i was going to go up to her and
tell her hi and stuff but i didnt cuz i think she knows i
dont like her and i would feel weird going up to her i dont
want to hate her but i knida do so i was thinking if i talk
to her she just might talk back and stuff and i wont not
like her anymore...but i didnt. i dont want to hate her cuz
everyone says shes really nice and stuff i dunno another
one of those confusing things. well i got to go sorry for
all the misspellings but i dont wanna go back and fix it
all so just do ur best to read it! lol

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