Ramblings of a Mom
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2004-05-25 00:53:31 (UTC)

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Well, as mentioned earlier, my older son had a baseball
game tonight (well, it was tee-ball, but all the same!).
He was doing well, playing the outfield position without
complaint, even paying attention and doing well. The only
thing that was wrong was that after he batted, he would
have a tendency to throw or toss his bat instead of laying
it down before he ran to first base. The baby was even
doing well being there, not fussing, being quiet, not
complaining from the heat, he was even laughing as I played
with him and he didn't spit up on me! Big accomplishment!
This was the report until 45 minutes into the game. He's
running from second to third base and he gets tagged out
halfway there. Instead of gracefully walking or running
back to the dugout, he goes to the kid that tagged him out,
pushes him down to the ground, and then goes to the
dugout. I scream his fulllllll name, grab the baby up (he
was already in my arms, it just wasn't a graceful hold at
this time) and go after him. A mom who is working in the
dugout points him out on the bench, crying. I am so angry,
hurt, pissed, disappointed, etc., at this point, the only
thing that is holding me back and together is the thought
that all of the parents and children are seeing me tearing
into this child. That keeps my hands off of him. I
apologize to the nearest coach of the opposite team for his
behavior, ask Tyler's coach permission to pull him out,
make him pack up his stuff, and lead him out. I can feel
all of the eyes on my back and his as we go.
We get flush with the home plate, and I realize that he
needs to apologize to the other team directly. So, I lead
him over to the other side, right in front of the parents.
As we are walking over, I can already hear the other
parents talking and see their eyes on us, although I don't
hardly look up. I take him over to apologize, and the
child won't even look the child in the face to say that
he's sorry. He says it like he doesn't really even mean
it, and still won't even look at him.
This just makes me more aggravated! As we are walking
away, I hear the other coach asking if he apologized to
Cameron, the child that he pushed down. At this point, I
don't care if we ever show our faces there again, I'm so
mortified. We get into the car, I'm beyond belief angry
and want to cry (again) and so I try laying into this child
and asking him why he did it. His excuse is that he didn't
like or want to be tagged out, he wanted to be able to run
home, so he pushed the kid. I rant and rave, then make the
comment that all of us parents make, "You're probably not
even listening to me." He tells me that he is listening to
what I am saying and I ask him if it is making a
difference, and he says no.
Okey dokey, we get home, he lies to his step-dad about what
really happened, and my husband can tell I'm furious. He
sends the child to his room for lying and tells him that he
will deal with him shortly. Gets the story from me, goes
to his room, allows him to feel what it's like to be pushed
and how unpleasant it is. He makes sure that T has the
point and then tells him that the next time that he does
it, he will be getting a spanking.
What is sad is that I'm glad that he did these things,
because it's what I wanted to do, but I'm not sure in the
heat of the moment I would have done it with control of my
I'm not saying that I would hurt my child, I wouldn't, but
it's just scary when you are that emotional, ya know?
Well, until later!