Welcome To My Nightmare
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2004-05-24 23:52:11 (UTC)


Well, life just sucks ass doesn't it? I never went to the
dance and glad I didn't. It sucked. But now we have the
best little love triangle ever going on in our group.
Justin likes both Megan and Domenica. But they don't know
that he likes anybody. And they both like him. But don't
know that the other one does. But Justin knows they both
like him. And since they are all my three best friends, I
get to hear all three sides of the story without anyone
knowing! Heh. This is going to be so good.
In other news, Sean is sick. I mean, like, really sick.
Something's wrong with his kidneys and he says it isn't
that bad but I know him and he underestimates everything.
I'm really worried.
I feel a whole lot better after I talked to Justin until 11
o'clock Saturday night. We dicussed all of our problems.
I'm just glad my life doesn't suck as much as his does
right now.
Michael wasn't at school today. Bummer. I needed help in
Domenica made show choir! Woot! The bad part is, she can't
do it cause she can't pay for show choir AND band camp. I
feel kinda sorry. If I had the money, I lend it to her, but
I'm just about broke. All I have is $13 and a $20 gift card
for Wal*Mart. I guess that's okay.
Speaking of Wal*mart, I have to go there this week so I can
give Lauren Andy's present Sunday so he will get it on his
birthday. It's the 2nd. We all decided to get him gag
gifts. A collar and leash from Lauren, doggie biscuits and
a squeaky toy from Raven, and I'm getting him a dog tag on
a chain. One side will have his name and the other side
will have his nickname, which I can't tell. Sorry. Spiffy,