Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2004-05-24 18:12:56 (UTC)

day4 and 5

I have just spent about 24 hours this weekend in a studio.
We worked in 2 studios this time. Saturday we were asked to
record a song at Tree Sound studios. Which to most people
would mean nothing. But to others it would very cool to
know your recording in the very same studio where Outkast,
Elton John, Black Crows and others have all recorded. We
recorded a song named "Suddenly". It was a great time. It
was our 1st time recording drums to tape. We also tuned all
the drums to the same key that the song was in. Yeah but it
was awesome. It’ funny how early in the recording process
you can think that a song is not going to work out as well
as you wanted and then at the end think it might be one of
the best things you’ve done. Sunday was spent doing vocals
and background vocals on our songs. The started off slow
but ended with a lot of fun. The highlight of the night was
me recording the vocals for one of our songs naked. But
yeah we got basically almost 5 songs finished which means 5
more to go.
CD: Making God Smile (brian wilson tribute)
Movie: nothing
Book: nothing