Ramblings of a Mom
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2004-05-24 17:39:49 (UTC)

I need to vent!!!!!

Here I sit, crying, as usual, it seems sometimes. I just
yelled at the older boy (he's home for summer vacation now)
because he just told me that he wet his underwear! He's 6
years old! Just because he didn't want to leave the
television, he wet his underwear! Bad timing, buddy,
Mommy's already upset.
Okay, my best friend came down from Canada to visit and she
arrived last Saturday night. I saw her and her parents
right after they got out from the airport for just a little
bit. I was told that I would get a call from her on Sunday
to make plans together. Prior to her arrival, we've been
talking about everything that we were going to do together
when she got here, all the time that we would spend
together, etc. Like that is going to happen now, huh?
I don't get a call from her until almost 9:20 Sunday
night. She tells me about all of the things she got while
out shopping that day...okay, I thought we were going
shopping together while she was down here, cuz I needed to
get some stuff too. Then, she's got to go because she's
meeting a new man and he has arrived at our friend's
apartment to meet her.
Today (Monday) we were supposed to see each other so that
we could go to Sam's together (so she could get cigarettes)
and spend time together so that the evenings could still be
time for me to be with my husband. I wait and wait and
wait for her to call. I have no phone number where she is
staying. She finally calls at 11:30 or so and tells me all
about this man from last night. Then she tells me about
what she's doing today, which has nothing to do with seeing
me or my sons. I even mention that the older son has a
ball game tonight. No offer to go there either. I begin
to wonder, is this really a trip to see us at all?
Maybe I'm just being stupid and jealous. She is staying
with another friend, busy seeing this new man, and her
parents are with her. But I had told her that I wanted to
do the whole sight-seeing stuff with her and her parents so
as to show the boys too!
Tomorrow is kinda out on seeing her, because it's the one
day that I had things planned that I wouldn't be able to
see her. My older son has a dentist and psychologist
appointment on the same day, back to back. I'm starting to
think that I was really lame to have not scheduled things
to do this week, waiting on everything to hinge on her and
what she wanted to do. Well, guess what? I'm not doing
that anymore! She will just have to catch me when she can!
I called my husband for moral support, and he told me that
I am blowing things out of proportion (as usual, he adds).
Okay, that really makes me feel better now!
I'm having a hard time, my ex is balking on paying his half
of Tyler's medical bills, I have $15 to my name and a
dentist appointment that I don't have the money for. Our
budget is stretched to the point of breaking this week
because of unexpected expenditures and I don't know how I'm
going to cover groceries this week. I don't like
confrontation, and I know that I am going to have to take
my ex back to court for the medical bills now and I hate
it. I couldn't sleep last night because all I could think
about was the house money and how I was going to deal with
this crap with my ex too.
Well, the baby is trying to help me type now, and I still
gotta get a shower and get out of here. So, until later!

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