2004-05-23 16:33:19 (UTC)


I was woken up to go play a party in the midlde of nowhere
last night - Pugwash. We couldn't find the place until
around midnight, and were there jamming until about 4:00am
- 4:30ish am - got home around 5:20am.

It turned out to be a fucking highschool party - outdoors -
cold as hell - with Jessica (my hollow body guitar - I hope
she'll be ok from the experience)

But anyway, I played by the fire, and had an ok time - got
high and jammed a set with no songs with two people I just
met that night and Scott - and had a nice cuddle session on
the way home with Bree that just was really nice - relaxing
- a new feeling lately - lol.

anyway - thats all for today.