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2004-05-23 13:45:45 (UTC)


i don know i like u or love u. everytime when i saw u
upset, i feel upset also. regents and finals r comin, i
want to have all my concentration on it b/c i want to pass
all the exams. now, i can't concentrate already, don know
wht's goin to happen in the next few weeks. i tried so hard
to get rid of ur feelin, but i can't. i know it's
impossible for us to get together and i don expect sth to
happen. she's my best fd, i don want to betray her and hurt
i reali don know wht's my feelin of u, everytime when i
saw u 2 together, i felt very uncomfortable. i hope we can
be fds only, i don want to have that kind of feelin again.
plz, help me, tell me wht should i do to get rid of ur
feelin and i love u or like u.