Living With Bi-Polar & BPD...
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2004-05-23 04:36:06 (UTC)

Sat. nite and I ain't got nobody.....

Another late night after work and now I'm off for three
days. I applied for a day shift job tonight in the
payroll department at the hospital. Not that I expect to
get it, but I have 18 years experience in that field, so
it's anybody's guess if they will bite.....

Almost hit a schoolbut the other day. Scared me and the
driver of the bus. The bus had a scratch, my car lost the
left hand side mirror. Thank Got it's paid for. Perhaps
I will find one at the salvage yard and it won't cost me a
fortune. WE'll see....

Shell and I had a tiff tonight on the phone. It was
stupid and my feelings were hurt. She didn't see how they
got hurt so didn't apologise for anything. I did though.
It will all look differently in the AM.

Time to check on my neopet and make sure he is fed and
bathed. tata....

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