You Can't Go Home Again
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2004-05-23 04:30:19 (UTC)

Kicking The Lights.

Had dinner at Friday's with Bridget and Paul. They're
very nice kids. A cute couple to say the least. Then we
went to Paul's and watched "Mulholland Drive". I don't
think i've ever been so confused in my life. Except maybe
at birth. I have to figure that's pretty confusing. Anyway,
I'm just starting to get the movie. It was still pretty
weird though, David Lynch seems to be a pretty odd

I missed her tonight. But I understood. She has better
things to do, better people to see. Maybe she'll deny it,
maybe I'm wrong. In the end it was proubably just a matter
of convienance.
Now I can cut off her fucking pinky.

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