Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2004-05-22 21:28:31 (UTC)


wanted: Girlfriend.

et toi: female human, alien or otherwise, preference will be
given to human females.

specs: brain, two legs, two arms, 10 fingers and toes. skin
optional. :D

attributes: likes to laugh. has no particular objection to
seeing movies, alot. ;)

willing to live with flaws: insane 3 hour “need to get
ready” issues. nuttyness. needing constant attention. :)

moi: human male, (can provide dna and/or doctors note. HONEST!)

specs: brain (sometimes even turned on), two legs, two arms,
10 fingers and toes, skin, two non descript peircings
and addition permanent tattoo’s (all tasteful) forthcoming.

attributes: tongue peirced, can make others laugh. really,
sickenly, nice guy. will commit random acts of
kindness, (ie: flowers, candy, little notes, showing up at
your work and serenading you, also, other weirdness)

flaws, I hope you can live with: penchant for ranting about
how unfair the world is, but I can bear now that I
have a date to the movies. :) also, insane, must read
shakespeare out loud.

please apply through email, winner will be notified, by loud
obnoixous laughter, and fainting.

a prize of a brand new corset will be presented to winner,
(which will subsequently
bankrupt said boyfriend-intendee, but DAMN, will it be worth it)