2004-05-22 08:54:29 (UTC)

snap... snap... [snap.. snap Snap Snap sNAp SnAP]...

I remember worrying so much about what would happen if I
ever lost my ability to feel or if my emotions were so
strewn out that they snapped, as a coping mechanism, and I
couldn't feel - at least temporarily. I always wondered
and thought it must be an awful thing to lose your sense
of feeling in that way, and I think I did for a while

Kinda remeinds me of Disphoria, but I'll admit - it feels
like nothing - a numb - but not a lack of feeling like I
felt in disphoria - it felt like a "nothing" that I never
ever felt before - and it was almost like a relief. Like
I couldn't care - at least not as much.

Hope this actually is temporary...