The Sexy Blonde
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2004-05-22 02:17:17 (UTC)

Tomorrow is Graduation

Interestingly enough, its Friday night and I am going to go
over to Jose's house. Yep. Its been a long time since I
have slept over on a Friday.

The reason being, tomorrow is his brother, Alfredo's
(Freddy) graduation. I can't believe he is already
graduate, without much of a summer because he is startig
college (and will be living in a dorm) on June 1st. So, if
we go on vacation we need to go in the next 3 weeks.

I have never even been to a graduation before, so I am
excited. I saw my brothers graduation from a video tape, my
grandmother video taped it because he lives in Minnesota. I
should really watch it sometime soon. But anyway, I am very
proud of Freddy, he did such a great job in school, he even
got a scholarship through all that JROTC stuff he does.

I hope Jose DOES take off work tomorrow, so that we can
spend some time together.


Holy-Shit! Margarita (my bestfriend, whooped this girls ass
bad! We were all looking for the girl after school, and
then we spotted her and Margarita walked up behind her and
just stuck her in the back of the head, jumped on top of
her and just stuck the shit out of her. The girl was
screaming trying to get her off of her, pulling Magaritas
hair, and she scratched Margarita's face, broke her earring
and her necklace, which is why we know where that bitch
lives, and she is gonna whoop her ass again for breaking
her brand new necklace her boyfriend gave her. But that
shit was funny. That girl got WHOOPED! She was only suppose
to stick her a couple times in her face and then jump on
her bus, we called it a "hit-and-run", but Margarita got
into just hitting her...soo...

...when the cops pulled them apart, they were both put into
a Youth Action room, and Margarita got a $350.00 ticket for
a class c assault, and was suspended (doesn't matter
because it was our last day of regular classes), that girl
is going to press charges too, but I doubt she will go
through with it. And she was forced to take her exams at
2:00p.m. instead of in the morning with the rest of the
school, it sucks, but atleast she still gets to take them.

Coach Reynolds- I am deeply going to miss my economics
teacher. I mean, I finished my exam an hour early, and he
told me what I made on my final from 2 weeks ago, I made a
100! But we sat their and talked about some real serious
issues, and he is just a really great guy. I know who I can
confide in, if I ever need some help at school. Man...what
a great man right there. I gave him a hug goodbye, and told
him to have a great summer. I can't believe I am not going
to ever have him for a teacher again....

I am going to Jose's tonight, later peoples!