The twisted thoughts of me
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2004-05-22 01:07:24 (UTC)


Nothing to do around here...Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
hate life sometimes. I just wanna get out of this house. I
just wish my life made sense again. Nothing is right...but
i guess it never will be and never was. My parents always
fight. My friends leave me out. JOsh and Kurtis my best
friends are so so so mean to me...they have no clue how
much they really mean to me...i dont think i could ever
tell them neways. its a shame too. I need to get a
boyfriend..someone to help ease the the hours
pass. why do people say these are the best times of our
lives.....i think they are the worst..owell what do i
I give up all 2gether.

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