2004-05-21 19:45:12 (UTC)

year today

the same place
marks the spot
that led to eyes
and your hand soft on my arm
and the world stopping
with only your eyes able to be seen
and writings in beginnings for the world to see
and she commented on it
and she was always ahead
except for the surrounding time
when i thought of you and she'd disappear
and it would just be you and everything you
and the chaos just beyond our little world for that moment
when you said my name and turned and stopped
but propelled almost by gravity's force
you had to turn away
because she was there
and life moves on
and so i must not get wrapped up in this
it's too much to get involved in
and now it's different anyways
but it's a year today
only this time it's us that will
be walking the stage to our names
only not our names
your name and my name
no connection
except today is the day
that last year
you were the strongest part of me