Cruel Intentions
2004-05-21 18:17:53 (UTC)

no 50

I’m writing in here cuz it #50 i think....

Sab.... the truth is I’m sick of being pinched on the ass
*lol* guys buying me drinks is boring....

u know me.. I wanna have fun.. u know I’m twisted, that why
I like u.. cuz in the end u accept me for me.

Sabastian... you are my "#1 crush"

if u understand that (and u will soon) then that’s it..
that’s my "sign"
as cliché as it is... u compete me *lol* yes.. u had me as

um.. i never write in here anymore, cuz its all the same
stuff every week. its boring and i can't be bothered.

sucker love is heaven sent...

but im sick of sucker love... i want the real thing with u.
i don't want our passion to be spent. my hearts a tart..
but its yours..

I love you Sabastian.