Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2004-05-21 16:41:07 (UTC)

Dad is home again

Yeah, my dad finally got back home from his re-hab
place. He has to go back and pick up his things and stuff,
but he's home! :) I was the first one to see him. He came
at around 10pm last night and I gave him a hug. Today is
Friday, and I've been working all morning. No one ever
shows me gratitude however. Just my dad and grandmother. If
it weren't for me, we would still be cramped up in my room
avoiding the living room AND the rest of the house.
Everyone else moved out because the garbage kept
piling up and making it more inhumane day after day. I
never left my home. Stayed behind becuase I never lost
hope. I love my house I've lived in it my whole life and
its so full of memories. Cleaning it back up and making it
re-livable became a small dream of mine. The bathroom is
still un-usable. But it won't take too long to fix that. :)
I guess...I can be very strong willed when I want to
be. And I'm always ambitous. Motivation is a whole new
story though. Thats something that always comes and goes
with me. My girlfriend and I got into an arguement the
other day. I told her... if we do end up getting married, I
would never divorce you. Even if you were a husband beater.
And then the wind changed direction. She said if I ever hit
you you'd better divorce me! And then she tried to get me
to promise to her that I would do that.
You know how I am about promises. Once I make
cannot be broken. However, part of growing up is making
right choices. I followed my heart and I told her that I
can't promise that. In the end, I convinced her that...
marriage is based on 5 things... loyalty, honor, respect,
trust, and of course love. If you don't posses all of them,
a marriage will never work out. And then... I asked one
simple question... I asked her "Do you trust me?" She
said, "What are you talking about? Of course I trust you! I
trusted you even when you were gone those 2 months and all
the time my mother kept saying you were with another girl!
I just kept believing in you."
My heart raced when she said that. There was a moment
when I was so overwhelmed with my love for her, that this
feeling took over my body and I could sense something so
beautiful that...well I can't describe it actually. Maybe
thats what it feels like to be truly in love with someone.
It was like a touch from an angel I guess. I couldn't tell
her anything else except that I loved her... I was that
speechless. I never forget what I felt, it so everlasting!
I don't think not even 1 out of 10,000 people have that
experience... I'm so happy! :) Wow, its almost freaking
12pm! I better get going.