Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2004-05-21 08:53:10 (UTC)

theories and revelations

so, today, I tested a theory.

I asked three girls at work for thier phone
numbers. One said, no outright, another one
said, what for?, and another said sure, but
knew I was kidding as she’d been privy to the
conversation beforehand.

Everytime I ask a girl, I get some answer than
the one I want.

I was advised that, when asking a girl for her
number, and her giving it to you, means you should
call her, and so, I should take it seriously.

FUXORING HELL!!!!!! I would.. lol

Sadly, for me, all I ever get is, depressingly either
change of topics, outright ignorals, or the usual
polite response, “not interested”.

I am giving up on dating as of right now..


On another note, I got to hang out with some
of my new friends from work tonight. we ate food,
laughed at the sillyness of futurama, and had some
really good perogies, lol...

and some bad news, really.. Laura found out
yesterday that her lung cancer is terminal now
and will kick the bucket in less than a year.
which totally blows. But she appreciates my
usual banter with her, and objected sternly
to my “so, should I treat like an aids case?
or like I usually do?”, and said, hell no, I
want you to continue being an ass, lol..

So, I’m taking her the bar next saturday night
with some of the other people who we work
with, and will be celebrating her upcoming
funeral! I asked her if I could speak at her
funeral, and maybe do a video of her, and what
she would like to say to the people there.

She said, I’m a very nice person, and that’s she’s
glad I dragged her out last saturday.. She had no
idea who I am, just that we’ve occasionally talked
once in awhile while on breaks. And she had fun.

This is so weird.. I’ve only known one other
person who had cancer, aside from my grandmother
but, I never really knew her. and Laura is 33, has
two kids, and has had a really shitty life. But in a
way, she’s also very proud of whats she’s accomplished,
and knows her kids will be alright.

So, I guess. This will be interesting.