forever 17

silent wishes
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2004-05-21 05:08:27 (UTC)

so once again, it's 1 in the morning

y'know, i think this may become a habit. while there is
absolutly nothing on tv, especially MTV, at the moment, and
nothing online and no one particularly to talk to, other
that responses of 'hmm','yeah...' and all such as that.
sheer boredom gives me time to think. this will eventually
become a bad thing, as it already has, seeing as how its
put into one of my 'moods'. i hate thinking. brings nothing
but bad stuff. ah well, such as it is, i get to go to
graduation tomorrow, so i have something to look forward to.

yea...i had something that i was going to write, but now
i cant remember it. bah...maybe it shall come later.

forever 17