Nick's Journal
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2004-05-21 02:48:01 (UTC)

My Death Day

i knew today would be different from all others. i went
out running as usual, but this time i decided to add a
nice little twist to my usual escapade. everyone i met i
decided to say something nice to, not sarcastically but
genuinely (a lot of creative effort on my part). the
first person i passed was easy, she had this beautiful
greyhound so as i passed her i said, "that's a good
lookin' dog".....good lookin' dog? i sounded like a
freak. she was so flabbergast that she started telling me
all about the dog and all that shit, so that i actually
had to stop running ot listen for about 3 mins. the next
one was a couple and i thought i was pretty witty. they
were speed walking so as i ran up next to them i kinda
slowed and said, "finally caught up to ya". haha. hell
yeah. so this went on, me interjecting some inane bit of
conversation. i rather liked it because it seemed that
everybody seemed to appreciate the effort.
i then had lunch with my mom and grandma in an indian
restaurant. they had an indian soap opera on, minus the
sound. i dont' think i've seen anythign so bizarre in my
entire life. the majority of the show consisted of people
staring at the t.v. and then randomly bursting out in
tears. apparently that shit is really interesting over
there. awh, what am i saying htat's all it is here too.
i then went to the grocery store for some ice cream. i
was inline with this tall black dude in front of me and i
decided to continue my repetoire of conversation. "you're
a tall guy, do you play basketball?" heh. the layer of
ice that his glare put on me coupled with the dry "no"
finally ended my streak of any inane convo for the day.
then god finally decided to reward me for my extra effort,
by trying to kill me.
it's 9 pm and i'm crusing down the highway (at no more
than 60) when all of a sudden the rear tire blows out
causing the car to tail-spin to the right, head on into a
truck. i have no idea how i managed to not hit that
truck, i think it was the instinctive turning of the wheel
in the other direction that gave me enough room to edge by
it. the next thing i know i smash my head into the window
as the car spins off the highway into the shoulder,
narrowly missing that truck. i got out of my daze in a
second and steered the car away from the guard rail and
gunned it away from the oncoming cars. i finally pulled
over in a parking lot right off the interstate. no gas
station in sight. fortunately i was close to my old high
school so (as i have no cell phone) i decided to go and
use the pay phone there. i'm walking for a bit when i
notice blue lights. i see that some cops have pulled over
this guy. now let me tell you this. approaching a cop
from the shadows is not a good idea when they've pulled
someone over. i scared the shit out of him. and
seriously i walked up with hands infront of me held semi-
high announcing my arrival from miles away. he still
whurled around and boy was he pissed for having been
scared. he told me that i shoudl just go to the high
school and use the phone, ah, the finest to protect and
so i'm walking down the road when i notice a really crazy
looking fat guy walking too. you know these people? i dub
them "walkers" they're always walking around the road at
all times in the day and i always wondered why and where
to. considering my streak of talking to strangers i
figured what the hell one last time. i accosted him and
he looked skeptical as hell. i guess he doesn't get
approached by people too often. we got into a
conversation as we walked and i told him bout the cops, he
told me how he was steering clear of them and had to hide
in the shadows to pass them. heh, that's when i decided
he might rape me and eat my intestines. but i still had
to ask him why he was walking and where to. he said he
was walking home from work (the local gas station
ironically enough) and wasn't taking his car cos of the
damn gasoline prices. hm. shoulda figured that one out by