Welcome To My Nightmare
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2004-05-21 00:28:31 (UTC)


I'm all depressed like. Everybody is going to the dance
cept me and Maggie. And well, here's what I typed Andy. Who
is my substitute therapist for today:
everybody is going to this dance tomorrow, cept me. cause
it's formal and i dont have a dress or a date. justin was
going to stay home but now hes not so i dont have anybody
to cry to cause life sucks and nobody likes me and
everybody hates me and i cant find any worms and i have
nothing to live for so i might as well curl up in a corner
and die and i wanted to go to the dance with michael but he
wouldn't fess up to anybody and im too shy and hes too shy
and domenica nd justin want me to go but i dont want to
make my mom drive cause of her MS and life sucks ass!!!
So yeah.

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