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2004-05-20 23:54:34 (UTC)

Car Accident

In my family we have 4 cars, one for all of us. But within
two weeks, and w/ the people living at my house, we went
from having 3 cars... to 1. and its all my fault. My car
has been in the shop for two weeks bc the transmission is
shot, and yesterday morning, I was in a car accident while
driving my moms car. (And boy is she pissed.) Well, I
should explain what happend. I left late for school, no big
surprise, and I was driving down Camp Ernest, and that road
is hilly and twisty to begin with. So, I am driving down
the road, going the speed limit mind you, and I come over a
top of a hill, and I see cars stopped. So I think "holy
fucking shit" so i slam on my brakes, and I slid for about
ohh 40 feet. And I didn't stop until I hit the van in front
of me. Yea, so the rest of the story is going to be
somewhat vague because I don't remeber much. So the airbags
deploy, and the fumes/dust along with it. I had a anxiety
attack from the accident and started to breathe in the dust
stuff and I passed out. I came back, and they got me out of
the car on a stretcher, took me into the ambulance, and
there I had an asthma attack. So they take me to the
hospital, and I get there, and they pretty much just let me
go because they got my breathing under control, and I had
stopped shaking. Oh, thats something I forgot, when I was
on the strecher by my car, I was shaking so bad, they said
they were worried I was going to have a seizer. But
anyways, I was released from the hospital with the
diagnosis of basically scratches and bruises and breathing
difficulties. Ya, so me being the STUPID person I am, after
my hospital/car accident experince, I go back to school
because we had finals. But yea, the day after, I am really
sore, and my arms are scratched and bruised from the
airbags, and I have a bruise across my chest from the
seatbelt. And speaking of seatbelts, I am so fucking lucky
I had that thing on. Lately I have had this horrible habit
of not wearing my seatbelt ever, and for some reason, I had
it on yesterday, it was weird.

But anyway, its dinner time, and I still need to write
about my Dashboard Concert last night, but I will do that

a slightly bruised and scratched *kell*