Erotic Stories
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2004-05-20 21:57:52 (UTC)

Under a 3 Person Blanket

Dinner thre weeks from then proved to be more than just
eventful. Francesca was formally introduced to Emmanuel by
Sam. He was tall, obviously of Indian origin. He muscles
were well shaped, not like Sam's body who was lean and
"Hello Emmanuel, Sams told me so much about you."
"Oh, he needn't say anything about you. I play the
drums for you on stage, you're really quite good. You
connect with the audience very well."
"Theres really nothing to it, anything with breasts
catches their eye." a round of chuckles throught the
troop. They took a table in the corner with only 3 seats.
Emmanuel and Sam sat on one side and Francesca sat on the
other. Emmanuel put his arm around Sam as the three of
them talked. 'nice couple.' Francesca thought to herself
As the three of them talked Francesca seemed to
have more frenzied visions of the two men kissing
eachother. It aroused her very much since they were both
so beautiful. Francesca shook the thoughts away and
concentrated on their conversation.
"Well," Emmanuel continued "I stowedaway in a boat
years back from India to come to this country. I was lost,
i had no idea what to do. My first instinct was to take a
wife, but none of the girls here would have me for my
Indian origin was too 'embarassing' whatever that means.
Lost and broken, I wandered into this place one day hoping
to forget my troubles through a nice, young, girl. I got
completley inhebriated and Sam, feeling sorry for me,
asked Jackson that since i had no other place to go if i
could have a job. I have all i really want, a love, a job,
"Me, i was born to one of the prostitutes here."
Sam said, almost picking up with Emmanuel's story. "She
killed herself after the birth. Apparently, she was sold
here by her husband. I've always lived here, never needed
anywhere else. All I really want is to sing, and thats
what I have here. What do you want Francesca?" Sam leaned
in. Francesca looked deep in thought. Memories flooded her
head tidal wave of anger.

The conversation weared on and they realized it was 10
o'clock. Francesca had not been asked for and this
releived her greatly. The three of them had been drinking
and were in a rather happy mood.
"I'm exhausted." Sam said between raucous laughter.
"Me Too, we should be getting back to our room."
Emmanuel rose to leave.
"Yeah, me too." Francesca grinning stood as well.
"would you like to come with us?" mysteriously, Sam
stood and looked at her. Francesca was shocked. So was
"Sam.." Emmanuel turned towards him confused.
"Why not? Its been a long time since you've had a
woman, and i've never had one. What do you say Francesca?"
"If its ok with Emmanuel..."

The three of them stood awkwardly in Emmanuel and Sam's
room. It was much like Francesca's room with one huge
mattress in the center but this time it was more of a
white motife. Francesca stood awkwardly in the corner, not
knowing what to do next. She had done many things, but
never something like this. Sam Sat on the bed. He was the
most open about all of this.
"Emmanuel, Kiss Francesca." He said rather
"What?" Emmanuel looked shock at this wave of
authority. Francesca walked slowly toward Emmanuel and
kissed him lightly on the lips. THen again, until he was
kissing her back. He tongue mashed inside her mouth as he
caressed her cheek. Francesca ran her hands through his
dark wavy hair and pulled his head in closer. She was
loving the feel of this exotic man pressing against her.
She felt another pair of hands upon her running up her
Back. Sam was sending chills up her spine. He kissed her
neck and cupped her breasts from behind. He moved his hand
up the back of her dress and caressed her thighs. Emmanuel
went up the front of her dress and kissed her neck.
Francesca's head spun as the two men slowly worked their
way around her.
Sam unbuttoned her dress. It feel to the floor and
Francesca steped out of it. She lifted off Emamanuels
shirt and could hear sam quickly taking off his clothes
behind her. She kissed Emmanuel's chest and and unbuttoned
his pants. Emmanuel led her to the bed and laid her down.
He bagan to finger her lightly, his obviously skilled
hands exploring her. Francesca let out light moans of
pleasure. She closed her eyes and when she opened them,
she could see the two men kissing furiously as Emmanuel
fingered her. This aroused her all the more. Sam sat in
front of her and stroked her stomach. Francesca sat up and
kissed him furiously, laying him on his back. She wanted
to make his first time with a woman memorable. He lay flat
on his back as she mounted him. She slowly slid herself
down and sighed as she took his nice sized manhood in her.
Sam grasped her hips and he trembeled violently. He
moaned loudly as she bounced herself up and down on him.
His back arched and his eyes rolled back. He had never
been inside a woman before and it was an experience like
no other, feeling her contract around him. Francesca was
extremly excited by the noises he was making as she rubbed
his chest and bounced on his furiously. Emmanuel sucked
her breasts and worked his way down to Sam. He kissed his
way up to him and stuck himself in Sams mouth. Francesca
was in extasy as she saw Sam suck off Emmanuel expertly.
She felt herself on the brink of extasy as she came,
floppping down on Sam's chest. She lifted herself off and
sat down to watch Sam suck on Emmanuel.
Emmanuel grasped Sam's head as sam put his hands
around the fleshy rod in his mouth. Sam still hadn't cum
yet. Francesca crawled to Emmanuel and started to kiss him
again. He moaned in her mouth and she knew he had climaxed
in side of Sam. Sam kneeled next to Emmanuel. Francesca
got on all fours and took him in her mouth. She licked the
underside of his cock and deep throated him as best she
could. Emmanuel went behind her and teased her hole with
his cock. Francesca let out muffled moans. He grabbed her
hips and thrust into her, making Francesca suck on Sam
faster. Emmanuel leaned in to kiss Sam as he pounded into
francesca. He rubbed her clit as he fucked her nice and
slow. Francesca was on the brink of extasy as she could
hear the men kissing above her. Both men came inside her
at the same time, her mouth and cunt becoming filled with
cum. Francesca pulled away and lay down again, exhausted
but not finished.
Sam when down in front of her and licked the outside
of her cunt. He flicked his toungue across her clit and
gently kissed it. Francesca grabbed his head to pull him
in further. Emmanuel went behind Sam and with a giant
moan, thrust himself into him. As he did this Sam began to
suck on Francesca's clit faster and harder. Francesca's
legs wrapped around his ears as she screamed. Francesca
could see Emmanuel's face sweating and thrusting.
Francesca was the first to cum as Sam penetrated her with
his tongue. Then Emmanuel, with a giant thrust and moan he
collapsed then moved to suck on Sam. That was All he could
take. He came in Emmanuel's mouth and the three of them
lay there, Francesca in the middle, and fell asleep.

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