Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2004-05-20 20:30:19 (UTC)

I Know A Place Where The Sun Hits The Sky....

I was feeling really depressed earlier - I think I know
why. It was the 'lack of direction' I was feeling. Its
never nice to think you're going nowhere, and all your
spare time is wasted. I've been lifted since then, and
I've got an embarassing confession to make.

The reason this whole incident came about is that I got a
headache this afternoon, and I thought it was from too
much time in front of the computer. It was. But it was the
fact that my speaker on the left hand side wasn't working
that caused the problem and caused my head to go wrong. I
had the first test (Nice-ish work, lads) on behind me and
the PES sounds were driving me mad. It was all a bit odd.
I don't know. I'm alright now, though.

WILT? Aswad - Shine