Best Left Unspoken
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2004-05-20 20:05:00 (UTC)


Evelyn walked to school like she always did. She doesn't
live that far away and she thinks that it's good exercise.
The school day went as it usually did and she did very
well on her Pre-Algebra test. Chad and her ate lunch
together. The day ran smoothly, as it almost always does.
When Evelyn went home her parents were just leaving to go
to work
"Hello?" Chad's voice answered the call that Evelyn had
just dialed.
"Hey! My parents are gone. Do you want to come over for a
little bit?" Evelyn asked him.
"Yeah I'll be over in about fifteen minutes," Chad hang up
and walked out the door. He had a plan for tonight. But
everything had to be perfect. If it wasn't it could really
ruin everything that he and Evelyn had.
Evelyn also had a plan for tonight. Oddly both of them had
the same plan. Evelyn quickly set everything up that she
needed to make it work. Candles, music, dimmed lights.
Almost perfect. All she needed to do was change her
clothes and add some more makeup.
Evelyn had many thoughts racing through her mind. The
slanky black dress or the red one or a mini skirt...
something to catch Chad's eyes. She slipped on the black
dress. It went to just above her knees, perfect. She ran
into her bathroom to apply the perfect amount of makeup. A
red lipstick (not too dark) some gray eyeshadow, black
eyeliner, black mascara, and just a swipe of blush.
There was a knock on the door. Perfect timing. Evelyn
quickly ran down the steps then right before she opened
the door she fixed her outfit. She slowly opened the the
door to find Chad on the other side.
"Wow. Sexy," Chad joked.
Evelyn smiled and let Chad walk in. They both walked into
the spacious living room where the candles were lit and
the soft music was playing.
"Wow," Chad said again. "Are you trying to impress
someone?" Chad laughed.
Evelyn smiled, she liked it when he laughed. She sat down
on the couch and Chad sat by her. They looked at each
other and started to make out. Chad was moving his hands
up and down Evelyn's back, gently sliding on the silky
dress material.
Evelyn knew that she could now do exactly what she wanted.
As she was kissing Chad she gently slid her hand under his
shirt and pulled it off. She moved her hands down to the
zipper on his jeans and slowly slid it down. Chad shifted
his weight so that his pants would slide down to the
Chad moved his hands from Evelyn's back to the rim of her
dress. He slowly lifted the dress over her head and
dropped it the floor. Evelyn leaned back so that Chad was
laying on top of her. Chad reached for the clasp on her
bra and took her bra off. He then slid her black lace
thong off of her legs so that she was completely nude.
"Do you think that we are really ready for this?" Chad
stopped for a second.
"Of course I do," Evelyn pulled his boxers off so that he
too was completely nude.
Chad slid himself in and out of Evelyn while she moaned
with pleasure.
Then the unexpected happened. There was a knock at the
front door. Evelyn wasn't expecting anyone to come over so
this surprised her.


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