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2004-05-20 13:25:58 (UTC)

All good things end

I had my last exam now, bouth exams I have are known for
its verry sort time you have to do your tasks. I made it in
time and for the last minutes I just sat there, for some
reasons I not sure of, I didnt wanted to leave, cause then
it all would be over.
Tha exams are split on four parts, one multiple choice
test, you have 90 qestions and four alternatives, and you
have four alternatives ane one is right. You have to have
at lest 30 right to pass, but if you only guess, in avrege
22 would be right, so I guess its not that hard.
Then you have three parts with two task in each part, and
you have to do one of the two of them each time, its to
write a essay.
In bouth exams one of the part had verry good task, and it
was hard to choce. The second for me and one I could well
and one not that well, so of course I took the first one
and the third part had two hopless tasks. So I just took
one and did my best.
You have to pass every part to pass the exam, if you get an
A on three parts and fail one, the you hav failed the exam!
Im afraid I might fail, even though I wrote some pretty
good essays, just because one was not that good.
But I know others had problems with it to, so its not just
me, byt stil it sucks. Im not sure I can handle to fail an
exam agen. Last time was quite allright, it was not fun to
fail, but a LOT of students failed, 47% and I did quite wll
in psycology. This exams where only psycology so if I fail
here, Im a failure.
The worst thing is wthat it was in the part I knew was hard
for me, so I really did my best to get prepared. Went to
all the lectures, the professor is so hot, but also the
most borring person in the world! I took notes, and read
the book two times, the most inportant and hard two
chapters I think I must have read two times!!
In soscial psycology, where I think I did verry well, I
went to the lecutres, took notes, undwerstood evertyting,
and read the book trugh one time in about three days while
thinking about completly other things! I mean if I should
fail or have problems this should be it, I really deserved
to bad here, but for some reasons this was verry easy to me.

My vacation has started, and I allready miss university! I
think its because this has been the best year in scholl for
manny manny years, if not the best! And now its over, it
would not be so bad if I know we whare all comming back in
Agust, but most of the others will be gone then. And I have
no garante next year will be as great as this.
Im hoping to keep some of the friendship I`ve made during
the year, cause I`ve meet a lot of great people!!