my life sux
2004-05-20 12:12:34 (UTC)

My life is a a mess so what else can go wrong?

Hello Diary,
My seizures have increased again oh joy.
My Felbatol has been increased again what fun.
I was dizzy and sleepy for weeks.
And now all of a sudden I have problems swallowing the big
600MG pills of Felbatol, so I called Dr.Hedaya the other day
and he had me call my pharmacist to see if they had the
liquid if they didn't how long it would take for them to
order it.
I got it yesterday it taste terrible .
I'm now having on average 3 seizures a week, sometimes back
to back the days and I had two in one day a few days ago.
I'm so sore you wouldn't believe it.