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silent wishes
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2004-05-20 05:21:26 (UTC)

ah i return.

technically i didnt actually go anywhere, but seeing as
how it's been forever and a day since i wrote anything in
here, i figured 1 in the morning was as good a time as any.

so yea, not much has happened lately. well, lots of
things have happened, and i would tell you, giving you all
the lovely details, but seeing as how its been nothing but
good things lately, i fear my happiness might cause me to
be hunted down and killed by all the other people that use
this thing, seeing as how they're constantly angry and all
such as that.

oh well, stuff's kinda goin' my way for once, so...go me.

let's see...what to talk about. hmm...oh. today was my
last day of school since i didnt have to take finals. i
know i'm not going tomorrow, but maybe friday. i'd have to
spend the last few hours of my sophomore year helping setup
for graduation, but y'know...i dont know.

dangit i want somebody to talk to. i'm bored beyond
belief and folks, this is a bad thing. school's only been
out for a few hours, and i've already depleated my room and
surroundings of anything to ammuse me. who knows what i'll
do for the next 2 and 1/2 months.

and now back to the subject of graduation. my boyfriend
is gonna graduate friday. he's going to this really picky,
highly rated private college, and its only about 30 minutes
away, but still. i'm gonna miss being able to see him
everyday, after every class and have him take me home.
(even tho i hope to god that come june i'll be able to
drive myself around.) oh well. so long as he's happy, which
he is, he's gettin' the hell out of one of the most redneck
schools in our county after 4 years, heh, i'd be happy too.
so yes, go him. this college is some sort of extremely
christian place...they're gonna murder hair and
all. argh!!! its not right...everybody's leaving me.

ah that damn number. i hate the number 11. and when 9:11
comes up on the clock, i want to throw it out the window.
the date doesnt do much to please me either. and no, its
not cause some dumbass person took over a plane and flew it
straight through a building, killing massive numbers of
people. that adds to my intense dislike, but thats not the
main reason. i wont bother to tell you the reason, mainly
because i'll cry. yes i am weird, just smile and nod.

there is an up side to this whole graduating thing. i get
to go and watch my boyfriend and a bunch of my guy friends
walk around in dresses. and i get to go shoping so i can
get some clothes to wear. i thought about pants, but i'm
starting to say no, because there's this one skirt that i
really really like, and i think that might look better. at
the very least it'd be a heck of a lot cooler than a pair
of black pants, what with sitting out in the sun crammed in
with about 1/2 a million other people. but i have an excuse
to go shoping. oh i want to talk to somebody...

blah...y'know what i want right now. well, besides to
talk to my boyfriend? i want fries from mcdonalds so bad.
errr...if my boyfriend would get i could be mean and make
him go get me some. nah, i'm not that mean, and i really
dont think i have much of a chance at making him go out in
the middle of the night, just to get me fries. plus he
doesnt care much for mcdonalds. i wanna talk to him...

so yea, thats about it. i want fries and to talk to my
boyfriend and i really wish he'd get on, even tho i
seriously doubt he will, seeing as how he usually would
have gone to bed a good 2 and 1/2 hours ago.

forever 17