Erotic Stories
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2004-05-20 02:48:49 (UTC)

Behind the Beaded Curtain

Francesca stood backstage watching Ruby dance tentativley.
She was in awe. There was a man on stage hitting a
tamberine rhythmically. She twirled like a dancer in a
music box, her skirt swishing with each movement. She was
skilled, she could have had a future in dancing.
"Ok Francesca, you're on after Ruby." Jackson checked
something off on a paper.
"ME?! I've never done this before!"
"ITs not hard, just do whatever comes naturally."
Francesca watched Ruby, not wanting it to end for fear of
going next. Slowly Ruby undressed herself in front of the
watchful eyes. The song ended and she ran off stage.
Francesca was pushed on.
There she stood, helpless. The man who had been
singing with the tamberine looked shocked as well. He
thought of something quick to save her and remembered a
song he heard. (folowing words stolen from nine inch
"She shines in a world full of ugliness..." He
nervously hit the tamborine. Francesca looked over at him.
He nodded for her to dance. "she matters....when
everything is meaningless..." Francesca almost imitated
Ruby as she put her hands above her head and made motions.
"Fragile....she doesn't know her beauty she tries to get
away..." She became one with the music now, the man's
voice soothing her into motion. She felt she knew the
song, that it was about her... "now that it seems that
nothing seems worth saving...i won't let you slip away. I
can't let you fall apart. I won't let you fall apart. I
can't let you fall apart...." Francesca lifted her dress
and pulled it tightly around her slowly letting the straps
on her shoulders fall down. Another man's voice came in
playing small drums.
"She reads the minds of all the people as they pass
her by, hoping someone will save her. If i could pick
myself up...but its too late for me..." She slowly slid
her hands to the back of her dress and unbuttoned it,
letting it fall to her waist, she clutched it to her
chest. "I won't let you fall apart.." the man with
tamborine came in at the same time as the man with the
drums "I won't let you fall apart.....I won't let you fall
apart....I can't let you fall apart." Ruby appeared on
stage back in a dress. Francesca was shocked and now
didn't know what to do again. She walked towards Francesca
slowly and gestured out her hand. The music seemed to fit
the scene perfectly. "We'll find the perfect place to be
where we can run and hide.." Francesca grabbed her hand
and they now looked into eachothers eyes and commenced to
dance with eachother. "we'll build a wall and we can keep
them on the other side...but they keep picking and ticking
and picking and ticking and picking and ticking..." The
dance was sensual...and soon the song was over leaving
Ruby's hands on Francesca's face. Both walked off stage.
Francesca sat curled up backstage, feeling that
strange feeling she would often feel after making love to
David, but she'd barley known Ruby and they had never even
touched eachother romantically. The man with the tamborine
approached her. He was tall, young, in his 20's. His sandy
blonde hair wasn't long but was full and curled at the
back of his head. He had a small goatee type beard on his
chin. He sat down next to her.
"Nice work out there."
"Oh...thanks..." she awoke from her daze.
"I'm Sam. You?"
"Mind if i call you Fran?"
"no..." Francesca giggled, she'd never heard the
"ISn't she something?"
"Ruby. She's really a beautiful dancer, we never
even have to practice i just pick a song i like and she
does the perfect thing with it. Shes really beautiful, her
jaded demeaner makes her almost unreachable, like a caged
exotic bird..."
"The way you talk about her you would think you
were in love with her."
"Me?" Sam seemed shocked at the idea. "No, I'm in
love with him." he motioned to the dark man who was
playing the drums. "His names Emmanuel. I've loved him for
years now. But i never fail to appreciate the beautiful
women around me. Like you, that song fit you perfectly."

Francesca made her way to her serving room to settle down
to sleep. Exhausted after and eating, drinking, and
laughing with Sam, she staggered into the room. Slamming
the door behind her, she swaggerd to the mattress and
flopped down on the mattress. She was too tired to notice
the beaded curtain seperating the mattress. She turned on
her side and there she was, Ruby, being ravished by an
obviously inhebriated knight. Her face was flushed as she
waited for him to be done pounding away. Francesca was
embarassed but she couldn't help but look. Ruby's eyes met
with hers. Ruby struggled to smile. She winked at
Francesca and said
softly "you'"