Erotic Stories
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2004-05-19 23:47:15 (UTC)


In the village, there are dozens of these clubs where men
can go. They went here because of the girls, all unique,
no one the same. It provided the best services. There were
bedrooms for sex, and a stage for a live show. Ruby worked
both expertly, she'd been doing this for 4 years now. Her
sentence wasn't nearly up.
"Why are you here?" Francesca asked her demurly one
"I fell in love my master's son, we tried to run
away." She said with a monotone voice as if she'd said it
1,000 times.
"Oh, where are you from?"
"Africa." She picked picked up her book and skimmed
through the pages to find her place. Francesca was
shocked. That far? She didnt' look African.
"Where in africa?"
"You wouldn't know it. Its a small village in
Zimbabwe. My parents left me there when I was born, i was
taken in by the locals. When I was 16, traders came and my
family betrayed me. They kidnapped me and took me here, to
Count Ramesfeild. When i met his son, we kept our
relationship very seceret, we would meet every night at
midnight. One night, he suggested we run away. We did, but
didn't get far. Then they sent me here, my sentence ends
in 2 years."
"How long have you been here?"
"4 years."
"Your sentence is 6 years?!"
"It varies from master to master, you must have had
someone looking out for you to only get 3 years."
"Oh yeah, people are looking out for me alright. I
was betrayed too." Hard memories filled her head and hot
tears came to here eyes. "IT just makes me so angry! How
could they do that?!"
"I ask myself the same questions everyday. But you
know what Francesca? There are no answers. People are
cruel, have always been, and nothing is going to change.
We're going to rot here."
"But after our sentence is up..."
"What are we going to do, Francesca? Get a job? THe
only jobs women can get are prostitutes, handmaidens,
cooks, and wives." She was right. She said it as a fact
though, thats what disturbed Francesca.