Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2004-05-19 22:21:30 (UTC)

If You're All Going To Cardiff Clap Your Hands.

So, yes, the marathon that is Huddersfield Town's season
continues, this time the mighty Terriers go to Cardiff. Its
bank holiday Monday, its at 3.00pm, and I'll be there.
Tonight was equal parts amazing and terrible.

2-0 down at half time, there was so much doom and gloom in
the air, everyone...well, it was awful. No-one was giving us
a chance, not even me, we were a sham first half. Then, they
came out for the second like, well, not like a bat out of
hell, but maybe like some really motivated players from the
dressing room, and they turned it round.

Result, respect.

I can't take another of those, though.

WILT? Informer by Snow. Really.