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2004-05-19 22:10:45 (UTC)

kids say the damnest things

ya knwo a while back i was spending some time with m before
she went to europe and her friend was teasing us about
talking about marrage and his 5 yearold grandaughter
interjected saying "they can't do that they are'nt the same
color" interesting bit of information that a 5 year old
cambodian girl posses strange she has learned the southern
societal norms but has'nt realized the specifics that she is
miniscule minority and also the real kicker that she doe
snot plan onb marrying a cambodian man strange! they learn
the main evil idea at such an early age but totaly oblivious
to their own state!!!!,hmmmm... well then let us further
explore the fact that m is..well a mutt therefroe a extreme
minority given she is Philippino and white but oh well funny
as it may be those are rather compliacted things for a child
of such young age to understand but i just thought that it
was funny oddly enough the little girl tha i speak of is
genuis for her age complete sentences very complex ones at
times with subject verb agreemen all the time good parallel
structure predicates future perfect tenses the works are
spoken by this child quite strange indeed oh well she will
find out the harsh realities that in some small place she
will be treated as though it is still the twenties hopefully
that will be all over before she has to deal with it..

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