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2004-05-19 21:55:02 (UTC)

you think you're bad off think again

i have nothing but shot dumped on me daily hell for tha
matter my whole life is a world of shit i mean starting with
the divorce of my parents at 7 then well on and on and on
ohg definately coming to this shit hole here in S.Ga but ya
know i stop and think ni am broke right now but will be
getting over 2 grand in july hell there are people out there
that don't know were their next meal or even dollar is
coming from my car is a son of a bitch to sell because no
one know crap about it here i really don't want to sell it
but i have to i love that car so many people like it but are
afraid of it because its an Rx-7 an does'nt have any pisons
in it's engine but oh well i will get rid of it sometime but
theres a prob there some peopel don't even have a car to
sell they walk everywhere or even worse can't see to drive
my comp runs slow from time to time on boot but i ned to be
happy that i have one there are so many things to be
appreciative of but its hard when you don't take the time to
look around hell my feet are too big but atleast i have
them, hell i miss m atleast i have a great girl to miss liek
i sadi it is easy to get caught up in wants and the
superficialities of life when you are not careful i hate my
class in school at least i can go to college some kids in
other countries can't even get the chance to decide if they
hate it and as i write this i am still say but, but , but .
theer eare no buts to it i just haev to take a minute and
realize what i haev before i move forward because as a
firefighter i see everything tah people haev gone in 30
minutes in bad fires thats why you should appreciate it
while it last you never know when it may go and i hate to
not know but that i ssomething that we must accept hell my
girl i fdat around the edges and has no ass but is tha
really important no so to any guy that i reading this or
girl its not what oyu guy or girl has or looks like.....well
they can't look like a wookie but as long as they are u pto
your standards they small stuff can go out the window sure i
harp on the ass thing and the fat thing it's not because
bothers me and not cause i am a jerk its just i am letting
the true issuses that are stupid coem to light where i can
deal wtih and get rid of them bercause besides those things
she makes me a better person and gives me a true reason to
exist. shes the best girl ever. so take a minute and stop
and think so what your guy has a small cock or is scrawny or
short or your girl has small tits no ass short hair too tall
to short short nails or hell another race what does it
matter those are little things i mean microscopic things if
you limit your selctionn by shallow thing as such then you
are limiting your happiness and well quite tuthfully are
screwing yourself.