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2004-05-19 21:32:28 (UTC)

intersting how someone can help you give reaosn to your life!!!!

well i have to say that the idea that my girlfriend is a
keepernot to speak of her as a fish or anything but ya know
staying in my head pretty well now. she really is a great
girl i have so many good memories of her and we have'nt been
together that long but i guess thats a good thing she the
most awsome woman that i have ever met. i mean really she
e-mails me everyday while she is off backpacking in europe
thats pretty damn good, she has many other things to do
besides e-mail me i mail her but don't expect such a
expedient reply. she really cares alot and i find this to be
quite strange how much she does. could it be that since we
both naturally do for others unselfishly she has finally
found her place with someone that is her equal and she is
comfortable? the fact tha it is the way it is maeks it a
little scary if you ask me but that is her adn as long as
she is happy i am. but she has been in love before so she
really does know what she wants now because according to her
the person she was inlove with did'nt really act like they
were in love with her though they had proclaimed so or maybe
they did'nt know what love was and it was their first time
being "in deep like with someone" as she said and i also my
ex would have been perfect if it was'nt fo rthe fact that
she'd claim up when there were inportant things to discuss
and really did'nt want to talk about anything enlightening
just watch tv and chat about simple stuff also she was
bipolar metaphorically speaking wel hell that was the same
for the one before her they all lacked that one thing and
thats good communication resulting in in-depth coversation
but my present girlfriend from here on out refered to as "m"
has so much more taht i did'nt even know existed in people
sh ehas things about her that i will never find anywhere but
given that she is verymuch like me i know she is bound to
aggravate me because its hard to tolerate yourself you need
a balance and she brings that to my life her things that
would be able to anoy me are not being as time anal as i am
as far as logistics and time things have to be pretty close
and i have very low tolerance for bullshit and timewasting
but i am fuilly aware that that is a bit too anal and i do
need to unwind a bit it is just hard for me thats where she
is anoying but i know over time she will be less anoying in
that dept because i will become less uptight on those things
because as she said she is not a marine nor are many other
people so you can't treat them like they are and she has a
very valid point thus i have work to do to unwind then she
become less annoying given that she really is'nt she is just
brushing my obsesive compulsive side wrong! and it wil be
gone after a whiel thanks to her bringing it up because if
not hell i'll die of a heart attack before 35!!!!!!