a little piece of me
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2004-05-19 19:55:08 (UTC)

anne's mural

got a phone call from anne last night. haven't heard
from her since the stripper party. she only called to see
if i had finished her mural yet. i hadn't tried calling her
to see how long it would take her to call me. 3 months.
what a fabulous friend, huh? that's fine. i've had my fill
of her anyway. she's too superficial. she doesn't ever
talk about anything real.

house hunting is going extremely well. found one that i
absolutely love. going tomorrow to make an offer. 2
story, 3 bedrooms upstairs, 2 down. kitchen, dining
room, living room, 2 car garage. it's great. needs a
little work, but not a whole lot. i love it. turtle does too.
he's excited about working on it. we could be moved in
by the end of july! yay! if they don't accept our offer, we'll
offer what they're asking. it's such a good deal, and we
really want it! i hope we get it.

been packing for the next move the last couple of days.
i hate moving. we better stay in this house for a while.
we have so much junk. i'd like to just throw it all away
and start over again. we just can't afford to do
something like that. i can dream, right?

well, it's almost time for sylvia brown. see what my life
is? working, cleaning, and watching tv. how pathetic.
i'm young, i should be out experiencing things. having
fun. my agoraphobia is just getting so much worse
lately. i panic when i have to run to the grocery store by
myself. or even just to walk out across the parking lot to
my car for something. i don't know what my problem is.
i just can't afford to get help or go to the doc again. i
have a cavity that needs to be taken care of asap, and
that will take up the rest of our money. ugh.

ok, enough bitching and whining. i do that way too
much. time to go watch sylvia, then get dinner ready for
turtle. fun!