Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2004-05-19 16:39:45 (UTC)

Sunday seemed so long and..

Sunday seemed so long and sucky. We were all in bad moods
due to lack of sleep. We did all the rhythm guitars and I
finally got to do my acoustic guitar parts and got to
choose from 3 different acoustics. We didn’t do as much as
I’d have liked but Jeremiah assures me we had a productive
day. He said that he has spent an entire day before doing
one guitar part. I would have HATED to be there that day.
But yeah I guess all that is left is over-dubs (any extra
guitar, percussion, and keyboard parts) and vocals and
background vocals. Then it’s on to mixing, mastering, and
pressing. YAY. The rest of my weekend included 2 parties,
TROY, and a show.

CD – Led Zeppelin / Greatest Hits & Bleach / Astronomy
Movie – TROY (besides for a little bit of bad acting, a
little bit of dragging, and a little bit of exaggeration of
the real story it’s a good movie) & Peter Pan (can’t go
Book – Daily Bible – I am in Solomon