malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
2004-05-19 07:32:12 (UTC)

death clock and all that entails

not so much now. its easy when you know when you're going to
september 7 2064. i'll be 79 in this life time.

its not a bad estimate. dying is like riding a bike, believe
it or not. the first time you do it, you're not quite sure
what to expect. then, it all begins to make sense. you get
used to the cold. to the silence. to the falls. i still
remember my first time. it was strange. i almost didn't
realize it had happened at all, that's how easily it
happened. the pain made it easy. i embrace my pain in all of
its forms. i can't understand why people are afraid of pain.
afraid of feeling. what they forget is that it is one of the
best senses we're aquainted with. pain is unmistakable,
completely reliable.
"she gives a smile when the pain comes, pain's gonna make
everything alright..."- black crowes

get it now?


when are you going to die? check out your death clock

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