2004-05-19 03:43:52 (UTC)


mmm "anywayz" aaah!w/e but ya...this weex goin interesting
4 the beginning...alot of drama w/ my friends,not goin 2
well w/ sum thingz...but no names,jus 2 say im carin
less,so do wut u want k!regretz rememeber that...u may have
sumthin now but u can lose it!but w/e now 2 late!ne wayz..i
got asked out twice this week :/ cant do it tho...jus cant!
im gettin frustrated w/ julian but my biz..those who
already no tho!jus a few more weex till skoolz over then
its time 4 summer!leavin 2 tahoe on the 8th or 9th...but im
goin 2 nikkis graduation i dun care if i miss my damn plane
lol!crazy shit how life goez by fast!jus 2 more yrs. 4 me
then im off 2 college...but hey i might graduate early cuz
im gettin all my creditz 2 early,but u never no!mmm me &
lessa r gettin along finally...been a while!lol she almost
killled sum 1 last week..well wanted 2 lol!drama drama!i
think everythingz fine now!(maybe) lol it all comes up!ooh
guess wut...i got layzie bone recorded on my fone..hellz ya!
lol i made every 1 listen 2 that shit!pop pop!yayaa!well ya
i gotz ta bounce TIRED! 1