alive inside

meaningless words & thoughts of nothing
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2004-05-19 02:44:17 (UTC)

will i ever be good enough

well chad just called and if he was trying to make me feel
like crap he was sucessfull! he was like i found ur wallet
thingy i was ok i thought u had it then he was like yea
so....oh do u have ambers #? i was like yea why ? he was
like ohh cuz i wanna call her i miss her alot and i wanted
to talk to her. then he was like yea when i went out with
her we were really close and i miss that i liked her alot i
was like oh um yea i will tell her to call ya he was like
ohh thanks thats awesome! so now i feel like crap because
i cant make it anymore obvious that i like you and you want
to call amber... we went out to why dont u want to talk to
me??? thats the second time u pulled that shit god it makes
me feel like crap cuz u have to know i like you and yet u
wanna call amber i know when u call her u are going to
flirt with her alot or ask her out. i guess i am just not
good enough thanks asshole!

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