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2004-05-19 02:11:01 (UTC)

well lifes good at times if you can see it

i have found many misteries in life which tend to perplex
and frustrate me with their convoluted ongoings which run
about through my mind at a pace that i could not fathom to
keep u pwith but for some reason. every now and then one
will slow itself enough that it will show itself to me in a
state that i can somewhat understand it.
the first of these is that of my new girlfriend she if
everything that i have been searching for except she has no
ass i know i know that is shallow superficial imature
everything else but its like my best friend said " Gods
gonna fix your picky ass he's gonna give you the perfect
girl but take away one thing!) and he's right i am EXTREMLY
picky about girls when i not gods gift to women but have
been told by many that i am everything from cute to hot as
hell and the newest to my collection of ignorant things that
i have run into in the south along with "wow you're not
gay!, ya know most refined black men are gay!" is thats the
hotest black guy that i have ever seen and he's not a thug!
i mean come on already do we really have to be that ignorant
but oh well you live and learn no harm done well i am going
astray here oh yeah. uh she is a walking brain she makes me
jealous of her brain just if i could borrow that thinig for
a day and i'm the one getting ready to go to med school to
be a nuero surgeon but i don'nt consider myself smart peopl
think so but i don't i get bored easily with things in
school that are not pertaining to scientific thinigs theory
and strnage animal facts. well i don't even look like a
smart person i model i have been in the marines i am a
firefighter the list goes on but smart people don't do that
kind of stuff they read books and my smart friends are the
stereotypic smart people and i talk with them about psycho
social theory scientific breakthroughs and things opf the
like but i just don't feel like i belong with them at times
and these are the tiem that my mind slow down to give me a
glimpse of my life and trivial things in it then it speeds
off before i can understan it as for my girfriend she gives
me a understanding for without my mind and dante is right
again god got me but ya know it's not that bad i could care
less the is perfect for me she is not perfect anatomicaly
but no one is hell i wear a size 15 shoe but only stand 5'10
we he and i taked last nightand looked at what was wrong
with her b/c you can always get caught u pin the greatness
of a girfriend and get blind sided by their stupid problems
but she only has two andn they are physical which mean they
are too small to even worry about and hel she fixing one now
she realizes shes pleasantly plump.. thats a funny word i
like it means she a bit large but in all the right places
..he..he.heh.. but ya know just a tad around the waist could
be taken off and well no as s or just plain out flat but
time in the gym with some ass exercise could could fix all
of that just as long as she does'nt put on a shirt and sit
down and it shows through now you do have to draw a line
somewhere but really, until that point there are no problems
because we are able to talk about the most controversial
problems and the craziest things she is just like having one
of teh guys around i enjoy doing here things and she mine
while the dtrnage thing is my things are the same things she
grew up doing and love doing anyway so ai feel a bit weirds
someetime when it seems liek we are always doing somthing
that i enjoy though she comes up with the idea i just want
to make sure that all of those things are things tha she
wants to do because the reality of the matter is anything
that i do with her is great its the factor of spending time
with someone that.........well you will opnly be able to do
those things with she the only girl that i have found with
here that intellegent yet can sit back and drink a good
beer and go fishing. well i think that i have rambled on
enough now if anyone reads this i am truly sorry about this
ramble but i can't wait till she gets back so we can go
camping that another greta thing she camps i know she i the
perfect woemn that guys are always looking for and i am
luckyu enough to have her the gretaest girlfreind ever ya
know if she ever read this i don't know if she would drop
kick me or say thanks....oh well she'll never find it....but
hwey it is a diary you do spill your guts in it.....but this
was my fear of an online diary let other people read it
jsut not her but its from a anonymous perspective i think
anyway well i am not about to go back and proff read it so
if it's not oh well she knows everything i think anyway
except that the new apt that she is moving into has possesd
mildew from hell the shower and the stupid shit ran me 10
buck to get rid of oh well the rest is easy just setu pthe
place for her so all she has to do is walk in to a ready to
go apt.

well this is luckyurx signing off