alive inside

meaningless words & thoughts of nothing
2004-05-19 01:58:31 (UTC)

7 days till freedom!

i cant wait till school to get out i will not have to deal
with all the bullshit that cums along with school anymore.
4 days till godsmack i am so happy i still have no clue tho
how i am getting there or who is going with me i know
nicole is but i still have another ticket tho. i want to
bring alex but i dont know if he is able to cum or not....i
need to figure this shit out real soon. anyways what to
talk bout?....o i know CHAD yey i am love! lol fuck getting
over him it dont work. i dont know why i like him so much i
just do and i dont really want to because everyone else
hates him and that makes me sad =( tear* (suck it up ur a
guy) lol anyways i am going to call him friday i think and
c if he wants to do stuff like just me and him i am
thinking about movies or something like that. oh by the way
if u dont know who chad is or am totally lost about what i
am talking bout i have a nother diary and it will explain
some stuff its at any username is alive-
inside. so check it out if u want its kinda dumb and not
very long i never have time to add entrys. but i am running
low on words so i will talk more later love ya

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