Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2004-05-19 00:13:50 (UTC)

What do I want to do?

Its been a lot longer than I thought. Anyways let me
just get down to whats going on. I made Astrid happy again!
She's not so sad and depresed anymore. Shes been going to
the gym everyday, and school, and her mother keep getting
her down. I sent her some pictures of me from my trip to
the lake a couple weeks ago. She liked them and thought I
was cute! :) I still want to call her... but then I
wouldn't know what to say! Her voice just paralyzes me
and... yeah.
You know, I write about her in everyone of these
entries.Its like a love novel or something. lol But its ok.
I just like talking about her all the time. Um.... oh yeah
I've been searching for a job that I'll never get tired of
doing and I think I came up with one...stock marketing! I
think thats just I would like doing. And I could work with
my dad and earn some money to get started! Well, I'm gonna
go learn how it all works. later!