2004-05-18 22:55:09 (UTC)

Quilting and Music

I finished the binding for the antique four patch this
morning and am about half finished with binding the liberty
eagle wallhanging. I may be able to finish this evening
after dinner and before choir. If not, I'll do it tomorrow.

I spent almost an hour at the church practicing scales. My
arms hurt. I play piano by ear but can't read music. I
guess I should say I used to play piano by ear as I haven't
touched fingers to the keys in probably five years. This is
why my arms were sore.

Linda will be giving me lessons once a week after choir.
I'll be taking them during the warm months only so I can use
the piano at church. We really are in need of a someone who
can play during the Sunday services and take over when
Margaret can no longer do it on a regular basis. She's in
her 80's now and recently broke her pelvis. Linda is doing
it in her absence but she lives a 50 mile round trip away so
it's become imperative we get someone who comes to church
regularly prepared as well. That would be me! I have my work
cut out for me!