Best Left Unspoken
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2004-05-18 21:09:36 (UTC)

Love Under the Stars Chapter One (For real)

Ok the last entry was cruel and unusual punishment so I'll
put my new story in here this time.

As the rain fell Chad seemed to kiss the raindrops off of
Evenlyn's face. They were both soaked, clothes clinging to
them as much as they were to each other.
Evelyn was a tall, thin, brunette with bight green eyes
that seemed like two shining stars in the darkness. She
was an honor student and had many friend. Almost everyone
in the eighth and nineth grades knew who Evelyn Shane was,
and so did many upper classman. Many girls also envied her
relationship with Chad Williams
Chad was a little taller than Evelyn with darker, some
what long hair for a guy, and big innocent blue eyes. He
was an average student who also had many friends. He
didn't play on sports teams even though he was a really
goo basketball player. He doesn't believe in hard
competition because it creates enemies.
Many guys would say Evelyn was a babe and many girls would
say Chad is hot. So yes I know what you're thikning,
they're just getting together as one of those "popular"
couples that you either hate or love. The truth is Chad's
family is poor and he has never owned a pair of brand name
jeans. He gets department store clothes and doesn't hide
it from anyone.
Evelyn's family had always been lucky. Both parents are
lawyers, mom from Harvard, dad from Yale. She's an only
child and can get whateve she wants, but she would have
given anything (and everything) just to be with Chad. Just
for him to hold her the way he is at this very moment.
As the two of them were standing together they were both
so happy. Like nothing mattered except that they were
together. Time seemed to stop when their lips touched.
They were in the park in the middle of the walk path. No
one else was at the park because of the rain. It was just
the beginning of the new school year. In August the leave
on the trees are still green and the nights still warm.
Evelyn had walked to Chad's house to study for tomorrow's
pre-algebra exam. Chad's house is almost right next to the
"I hate to do this but I have to go home. I have to really
study for the test now," Evelyn tried to pull away from
Chad, but she didn't try too hard.
"But you're soaked! Maybe you should come back to my house
and dry off first," Chad didn't want to leave this
wonderful park scen.
"And get soaked again walking home?" Evelyn asked trying
just a little bit harder now to pull away from Chad
"Just five more minutes," Chad moved in for another kiss.
"No, silly. I need to go home," Evelyn finally got free.
"Okay, but you owe me five minutes," Chad laughed as they
left in separate directions.
When Evelyn was home she went to her room to dry off. Her
parents weren't home as usual. Her mom left her some
spaghetti leftover from suppersitting on the table.Evely
had an elegant house that had shown off all of her parents
Evelyn ate the spaghetti and studied for a little bit. She
then went to bed and dreamt sweet dreams of her beloved
Chad. In her dream they were in the park like they were
earlier, but her dream was different. In her dream it was
night and raining, like it had been, but in the dream
Evelyn didn't go home. She stayed with Chad in the park
for hours. It seemed as if something this sweet should
never end. The rain fell down, but it was as if Evelyn had
lost all feeling to her body, all cares. Every bit of her
acheing stress was drained. She didn't worry about tests
and school. She didn't worry about anything.
The next morning Evelyn woke up and dressed for school,
thinking about her dream. Remembering how wonderful it had
been. She anticipated seeing Chad at school today.