Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
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2004-05-18 20:14:34 (UTC)

Prom and the end of the school year.

wow its been a while. Prom was Awesome. meeting codys mom
wasnt that bad. i met his dad stepmom and stepdad a lot of his friends. not much more one can say
about that, cept the limo ride was really good *hint hint*
lol. the end of the school has been fun. my yearbook has
NO ROOM! lol. ppl are gonna have to start signing in the
pages. lol. no biggie. theres been some "drama" with jason
and his "girls" (shana janet and danelle) but ehhh alls
good now. school ends in 5 days. Matt Jacoby got a job at
universal and is gonna get me and paige in if she gets to
come down for the 2 weeks in the summer. it all depends on
if she has to go to summer school for english or not. only
time will tell. i hope she can come down. i miss her soo
much. i think im gonna call her from the callin card in a
little while. i told her im gonna bug her every week with
a phone call till she gets her butt down here. lol well i
g2g talk to ya'll peoples l8er.