u think u kno...but u have no idea
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2004-05-18 20:14:20 (UTC)


umm ya i think im guna piss my pants im so excited! only 9
days away! the dance, the party, the beach, the guys i
mean, NO! haha jp, jp nikki was liek well well, i'll have
2 break up wit brian 4 the weekend, but of course she was
kidding, i wouldnt let her do anything stupid anyway lol i
think we have like, 30 sumthing ppl going with us. its
guna b me my mom my sister my cuz ally and nikki in our
car, then my cuz matt(14) and joe(15) and joe's lil sis
nicole and his mom Anne in the van, (we r all stayin on
the site together) and then we have a bunch of annes
reletives, like 8 kids monicas age, and then sum girl my
age and jordan(16 now! growin up fast!) its guna b soooo
fun! and i cant wait till saturday..but i wont talk bout
that in here lol

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